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21030-Martin 34x44 weld

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44x34x12 weld up building as sketch dated 4/14/21

White 26ga. R- panel sheets on walls & Black Standing Seam onroof(2) - 9 x 9 barn style over head doors with steel overlay painted Matte Black CHI model 5633 $5,000 allowance(2) - 9x9 Raised panel door CHI model # 4150 painted Matte Black _ allowance $2000

Basic Operators for (2) OHD front doors(add $400 for ea additional)(1) 11 x 11 Split Barn Door and Hardware for front of garage - allowance $1,000(1) 11 x 11 OHD CHI painted Matte Black (allowance $1,200)4" 3500 psi reinforced w/#4 rebar on 2' centers each way & around perimeter2x2x2 spread footings w/2 matts of #4 rebar, 12"x12" perimeter footings w/2 #4 rebar

Painted LP Smart Board and batten on Front Only ($2,000)Gutters and down spouts on front only

Electrical work: (2) back exterior flood lights, all interior lighting, and outlets by Randy Varner ( $8,700)Decorative Corbel at tip of front eve

Decorative barn style window above center of garage on front gable

Second floor structure systemW8x10 Beams welded at main frame locations14 ga 8" Cee purlins as floor joist at 16" centers4x4 tubbing weld up to upper main frame to support W8x10 beam

Advantech floor decking

Stairs 3' wide and landing 3x3 with wooden 2x railing2x railing across opening (not to code) 4 runs

Authorized by:

Bryan Hebert

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