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22001-Mike Allan Shop/Carport/Canopy

205 Golf Course Dr, Caddo Gap, AR 71935, USA

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Erect 81'x21'x15' canopy covering mobile home and carport.

W8x10 I Beam framed building with 8" 14ga girts/purlins utilized as secondary steel.

Vaulted ceiling open to structural steel, purlins.

All primary and secondary steel to be red iron primed.

Rake trim along all rake edges

Qty 15 - 3'x3'x2' spread footings w/2 matts of #5 rebar.

Pour approximate 35.125'x23.5'x6" thick slab with 10mil stego wrap vapor barrier - 3500 psi reinforced concrete with #4 rebar on 2' centers each way.

Slab to be poured interior of current slab per dimensions supplied in this line item.

Roof and walls and trim to be 26 ga painted PBR with 30 yr. finish warranty.

Roof/walls to be light stone, and all trim to be black.

Die formed ridge cap installed over entire ridge peak matching 26ga painted PBR panel.

Long life fasteners on roof and walls to match sheeting.

Authorized by:

Travis Cook

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