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22015-Carmichael 30x40x14

Polk County Rd 246, Arkansas 71841, USA

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Erect 30'x40'x14' shop building with 2:12 pitched roof per customers pre-engineered building plans.

All supplemental bolting packages/mounting anchor bolts/epoxy for floor mounting must be supplied within the building package.

Any additional items not available within the package will be additional costing added to the project.

Vaulted ceiling open to structural steel and purlins; walls open to structural steel and girts.

No insulation is supplied in the customers pre-engineered building package; no insulation or supplemental insulation to be supplied by MSBI.

Building to be constructed without insulation.

All primary and secondary steel to be installed with the primer finish implemented by the customers pre-engineered building package.

All building trim to be as specified by the customers pre-engineered building package.

All closures to be specified and supplied by customers pre-engineered building package.

If trim is not available within the package, additional costing will occur for supplement of such trim.

Qty 4 - spread footings w/2 matts of #5 rebar for interior columns, 12"x18" perimeter footing w/2 #4 rebar continuous around perimeter of current slab.

Pour approximate 30'x40'x4" thick slab.

A 6mil or greater vapor barrier to be installed, with 3500 psi reinforced concrete with #3 rebar on 2' centers each way.(Qty - 1) 12x10 insulated garage style door; to be manually operated. Door to be a white sectional insulated door with no glass openings.(Qty - 1) 3070 walk door and lockset. See customer supplied drawing for location.

Door to be factory primed, non-painted.

Customer to paint door to their desired finish.

Open road up to allow for concrete truck and appropriate equipment access to building site.

Clear building site and approximately 30' around site.

Build pad on grade for the implementation of 30'x40' building within provisions for footers above.

Rough in plumbing for a toilet and a sink in corner of shop building.

All building plans, color patterns, and layout are laid out per customer's pre-engineered building package.

Authorized by:

Travis Cook

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